Tuesday 4 February 2014

Play to Cure™: Genes in Space Launch

Great news, I've been waiting to post this for what feels like months but it's here at last. Guerilla Tea's project for Cancer Research UK and my first published project for the company has been launched at last.

Genes in Space is a relatively simple arcade, spaceship shooter with a twist, as you wind your way through dangerous fields of Element Alpha you're helping with real-life research into cures for cancer.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Just One Trip - A journey into the dark world of addiction

Last weekend myself and the folks from Guerilla Tea found ourselves at the Dundee site of Scottish Game Jam which itself is an arm of the Global Game Jam. The 48 hour game jam takes place at the same local time everywhere from New Zealand to Hawaii, but I'll cover the event itself in more detail another day.

What follows is an account of our game, Just One Trip and the dark journey it leads you on through the heart of addiction.

Note: This blog is still to be revisited with added pictures but I wanted to get something out asap.