Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Abertay Graduation 2013

So, that's it - as of last Thursday, I am Brian Beacom BSc(Hons). Yes, it's been a busy ol' week for me so unfortunately I haven't had time to get a technology blog done quite yet. Instead you get to hear all about me, Graduation, Grad Ball and the politics of being a student in what is sure to be one of very very few self-centred posts.

For anyone who isn't aware, I've spent the past four years of my life studying Computer Games Technology at Abertay University. A lovely little course which has taken me from the basics of C++ to advanced graphical techniques, procedural generation and AI over the course of 4 years. The time I spent at Abertay is sure to be amongst the best times in my life, however yet another chapter of my life has drawn to a close with my official graduation ceremony on Thursday, 11th July.
The ceremony was as drawn out and full of tradition and colourful robes and sceptres as you'd expect of any good graduation ceremony. However lasted a brief hour and 15 minutes giving me the rest of the day to spend with the wonderful family.

So that was Thursday, and then Friday, of course, brought the Abertay Graduation Ball. Hosted by the Students' Association, which meant I was indulged with an honorary ticket to the top table for the night. For a three course meal, some drinks and some high brow conversation with the other guests, at my table. Pictured below is myself, Richard Cook (President, UADSA), Nigel Seaton (Principal and Vice Chancellor, Abertay University), Roxana Seaton (Wife of Nigel Seaton and a lovely lady, had a nice conversation with her), Bill Blackstock (General Manager, Abertay Union), William Mohieddeen (Former President, UADSA).

And finally, once the Principal had left - I found my friends at a different table, for some conversation more at my level. It's interesting though, when I started University in 2009 the first event I attended was the University Induction, involving a big procession at the Caird Hall, where I was unfortunately not invited to cross the stage and the second was School Induction (for what at the time was the School of Computing and Creative Technologies) which took place in the Apex Hotel. For those events I knew no one and I rocked up to the Apex Hotel in jeans and a t-shirt.

Four years on, I find my second last event being my graduation in the Caird Hall, in which I finally get to wear the robes myself, collect my degree and join the procession, and my last event the Graduation Ball at the Apex Hotel, across these 2 events you'll find me in rather fetching kilts and knowing everyone, from the Senior Academics on stage for graduation through to large groups of the guests at Grad Ball. All in all, a very fitting and very very enjoyable end to my University life.

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